Words: Dark Forest

The touch of the wind,

Dances over my skin,

The sun bleeds red,

The clouds drip tears,

I dance in this dark forest,

I let the dark nature take its course.

Words By Janeen G

Words: Fright

These dreadful words spill out of my mouth.

The small rain drips down my lips,

I shiver in its journey,

These frightful words scare me,

The words of fright spill out of my mouth.

Words By Janeen G.


One kiss will send your world on fire,

One-touch will make your soul weep for more.

One punch to the gut will send you reeling,

One scream will make you wish life never happened.

Let these poetic words send you on a journey filled with loss, love, sorrow, and passion.

Let these words send you down a path filled with lighthearted kisses,

A deep passionate embrace and a broken heart all rolled into one.

Words By Janeen G

The Forest

Photo by Luis del Río from Pexels

The touch of the wind,

Dances over my skin,

The sun shines on my face,

The clouds blanket the sky,

I dance in the forest,

I let nature take its course,

I let the forest guide me,

The touch of the wind,

Feeds my soul.

Words By Janeen G.

Motivation is Key

Original Date: January 19, 2018

It’s hard sometimes to keep yourself going and staying on top of things. Lately, I’ve been struggling with staying motivated, which is showing in my work and in my home life. I’ve been putting off so much of my work and chores around the house that it’s really putting a tremendous burden on my family and it’s also having me develop some unhealthy habits.

So, what should I do about this? Should I sit here and feel sorry for myself or should I make some vast changes in myself? Admitting that you need a change is a big step. Now it’s putting it into action is where I needed to look at it. After really sitting down with myself and reorganizing my thought process and daily habits, these were the things I found that kept me motivated.

Surrounding myself with happy & motivated people

Whenever I’m in such a rut or I’m heavily struggling, I go to my friends and the people I look up to for help. With their positive energy and encouraging words, I get back on my feet and really push harder to get the things I needed to get done.

Prioritizing my task for my home life & projects

Now I struggled with this idea. Trying to cram everything I need to do in one day was a tough assignment. But learning how to make time for myself and my family was key. I love writing and working on my blogs. I make a little money off it, but it’s something that makes me happy. I haven’t been prioritizing my time between my family and my desire to write my stories and poetry. But once I got those things organized, I saw an improvement in work and my relationship with my family.

Celebrating My Accomplishments

Sometimes I don’t take a step back and look at the things I’ve accomplished. I’ve done so much in terms of my life and work that I tend to not fully celebrate it. I now take the time to congratulate myself, at least fully, for my victories and achievements. It is the best way to keep myself motivated and staying positive.

Fully Setting my goals & creating healthy habits to follow

I developed some nasty habits when I’m trying to get stuff done around the house or doing my work. If I want to do everything effectively, I must start setting small goals that I want to achieve throughout the week. I also want to change my unhealthy habits and create new ones so the kids can try to imitate them.

When motivating myself and creating challenges for myself, I’m creating lifelong lessons to live by and practice these healthy habits. Once I keep these goals in mind, I have the encouragement I need to motivate myself to a better life.

Words By Janeen G.

Spring Rose

The touch of your hand,

Butterflies dancing in my belly,

The goddess sends her love,

Your hair is black like a dark raven,

Your lips kiss deep like the spring rain,

I am burning to feel your love,

The touch of spring dances around my skin,

Dances around me like a spring rose…

Words By Janeen G.

Miss You


Missing the hours I would talk to you.

Missing the hours I would open my heart to you.

Missing your heart beating next to mine.

Missing your peace easing to my soul,

Missing the hours lying in bed,

Missing the tears that were once shed.

Missing you is too much to take.

Missing you every minute has sent my world into dread.

I miss you, my beloved,

I Miss You.

Words By Janeen G.

Can’t Wait


I can’t wait,

I can’t breathe.

I can’t let my soul take the leap.

I take my last breath.

I let my mind break.

I Can’t wait,

For my soul to break.

Words By Janeen G.

Silent Sundown

No words spoken.

No words needed.

Once that door opens,

There was no turning back from this.

A course of emotions ran through my body.

A gentle acknowledgment was in your eyes.

I knew just from your stare,

That I needed you…

I wanted you…

The bliss,

The high,

The passion of your love,

Makes my heart sing of your name,

The silent sundown,

Tells the story of our love in the slowest of words,

This is the time,

I needed to express my love to you.

 Hell, and life was coming for our time together.

But our kiss,

In this same moment…

I let myself relish,

Into this deep pleasure and bliss…

Artistic Bliss


I slumped in my lounge chair as I looked at the piece of art that was in front of me. I gently applied some acrylic paint to the art piece and hoping some inspiration would come to me.

The smooth and bright colors on the canvas were a beautiful sight to see. The delicate strokes of my paint brush gave me a sense of peacefulness and fulfillment.

I tried to concentrate on the movement of my hand strokes. The steady paintbrush that I was holding, the colors of the paint, described how I was feeling. The emotions and the romantic feelings I have for you were showing in my painting.

The soft strokes remind me of your gentle kisses to my lips. The colors on the canvas reminded me of your rich eyes and soft-spoken words. Your touch and blissful contact inspired my piece of artwork.

I took my paintbrush and I let my fingers paint the story of our breathless bliss and epic journey together. I let my artwork tell the story of my vivid and passionate love for you. Let my creativity speak to your heart.

Let my artistic bliss speak to your soul…

Words By Janeen G.

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