Sapling of Souls

The sun seeped in through the crack windows of the room and I could feel its warm rays on my cooled and delicate skin. Dust and soiled earth were in the air as my eyes fluttered open. Just as my body woke, I felt my lover kiss on my shoulder blade. The kiss was warm as I shifted my body to face them.

Their strong and delicate eyes glowed in the misty room. Their fingers weaved into my shiny and silky hair. I let my sleepy eyes close to the sensation of the feeling. Just like the growing vines outside my window, my feelings for this person grew, and the throned branches delicately reach out to their soul.

“I must go now”. The gentle voice echoed throughout the room. I lifted my tired body off the small bed and fully looked at you in amazement. “Why?” I asked groggily. “Where are you going?”

“I’m only going to be gone for a few hours” you explained to me in a calm and playful voice. I knew something was up as you put on your clothes. I grabbed your arms, and I made you turn around to look at me. “Can I please go out and explore a bit” I let my voice go soft and timid. “Your world looks so beautiful, I want to see more of it”.

The look and beauty that came from your eyes let me knew you could not say no to me. But you knew this world will hurt me and try to manipulate me. You didn’t want me to experience the world. You didn’t want me to experience the pain of the damned souls of this world. 

You gently took my hand, and you slowly removed it from your muscular arms. You took this time to center me and to look into your deep and mesmerizing eyes. “Of course, my love; you are free to roam as you please.” His voice was soothing, like a summer breeze. Just as we spoke, I felt myself in a daze and imagining myself walking along the beach on a warm summer day with you holding my hand.

“I just want you to stay on the forest path… You shouldn’t travel when it gets dark.” The scenery is green and dark You let me know that the path to the forest would be dark and terrifying. The deep and creepy darkness was ready to fall on the land. I could still hear the crows cawing in the midnight air. Your words flooded through my mind.

 ‘Stay on the forest path; start heading back here before it gets dark’ 

Darkness took you from me; now they wish to remind me of your soul and legacy. A soft smile spread across my face. The darkness of my soul sang in a soft melody. I looked to the side of me and found beautiful small lily pads floating down the darkened stream. Small golden and silverfish swam up the stream in the opposite direction. I let myself stop in my tracks and walk over to the stream. I touched the smooth, cold water and I let the fish brush against my fingertips.

To Be With You

I hold your hands,

I gripped it with fingers,

You lifted me back up,

You lifted me back into reality.

You picked me up,

You lifted my spirits to the highest of realms,

The darkness may have broken me,

But your light and love mended me back together.

I’m determined to stand with you in the face of darkness,

To be with you in every passion and light.

Janeen G.

One Last Time

Just kiss me,
This one last time,
Just hold me as I burst into flames,
This one last time,
Just run your fingers through my hair,
This one last time,
Just please clasp my hand and let me whisper ‘I Love You’
Just this one last time… please…

Secret Garden

I was trying to find myself within the cheerful faces in the park, but I could only feel pain. Just as I was walking down the stone paver steps, I look down to see a tall man at the end of the steps. He seemed large to me as I made my way down the stairwell. When I got closer to him, his eyes were soft, and he didn’t seem intimidating.

I can feel my heart racing in my chest as I was down at the last steps of the park. You gave me a small grin and I could hear your small laughter in the back of your throat. The pain that I felt from earlier was disappearing.

You extended your warm hands to my shaken ones, and I happily excepted them. This park instantly turned into an exotic secret garden. The thrill and sensual chills will be the death of us.

Coffee House Writers Anthology

I am one writer that took part in this amazing anthology!

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Dark Space

In deep space, a never-ending night of stars and galaxies was the setting for the commercial starship ‘Discovery’ heading back to earth from its mission from Mars. Halfway through their travels, they encompass another spacecraft that seems to float in space.

With no knowledge of where the foreign spacecraft came from, the crew of the ‘Discovery ship’ helps the spacecraft and it’s the crew. With no finding of any type of life on the ship, the ‘Discovery’ crew encounters an unknown species they have never seen before.

Curiosity and terror unfold as the crew tries to understand this extraterrestrial creates and why there was no one on board the spacecraft that was trying to head back to earth…

Janeen G.

Passion & Purpose


I am sitting here in the empty room,
The first thing I noticed was my mind being empty,
The thoughts I had of you were dying,
You slowly slipped out my imagination,
I am sitting here wondering why you are slipping away from me,

I questioned whether you leaving me was a good thing,
The question is now hovering over my head,
But I don’t feel the sadness and the pain of the question,
The words of my wondering of losing you; I don’t feel the loneliness that lives in your absence,

I allowed the feeling of loneliness to fuel my passion for love,
You leaving me has given me a new purpose in life,
Even with you walking away from me,
It’s giving me a new sense of hope and happiness,

I am sitting here in the empty room,
With a new passion and purpose for life…

Janeen G.



A blazing love in a heat of the wave,
A night of lust and passion in the making.
A moonlights kiss is close at hand,
A moonlights kiss is the love I crave…


Janeen G.

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