Artistic Bliss


I slumped in my lounge chair as I looked at the piece of art that was in front of me. I gently applied some acrylic paint to the art piece and hoping some inspiration would come to me.

The smooth and bright colors on the canvas were a beautiful sight to see. The delicate strokes of my paint brush gave me a sense of peacefulness and fulfillment.

I tried to concentrate on the movement of my hand strokes. The steady paintbrush that I was holding, the colors of the paint, described how I was feeling. The emotions and the romantic feelings I have for you were showing in my painting.

The soft strokes remind me of your gentle kisses to my lips. The colors on the canvas reminded me of your rich eyes and soft-spoken words. Your touch and blissful contact inspired my piece of artwork.

I took my paintbrush and I let my fingers paint the story of our breathless bliss and epic journey together. I let my artwork tell the story of my vivid and passionate love for you. Let my creativity speak to your heart.

Let my artistic bliss speak to your soul…

Words By Janeen G.

My Father’s Love

(Left) Jack E Miller-Smith; my dad & (Right) Arthur Miller; Uncle Bootsie

For my Dad in Heaven,

You are my motivation,

You always did your best.

You are the voice that sings me to sleep.

You are the voice that inspired me to be me.

You are now with the ancients.

Whispering wisdom in my ear,

You are my sources of comfort,

You quite my fears as I travel through this life,

Your compassion and love have changed me,

Your value on family moves me,

Blessed be your heart; when one day we will meet again,

I love you dad and I’ll forever miss you…


My sweet darling,

Your lips taste so sweet,

The delicate flattery of your touches makes me weak,

The nectar of your kisses gives my body such a great pleasure.

You taste so sweet.

 Your love is addicting…

Desperate Desires

It’s the feel of your skin.
It’s the soft sounds you make.
I’m desperate to touch you.
I want to hear your delicate moans.
Feeling your essence deep within my soul.
The desperate desires I feel for you,
I’m yours to take under this moonlight…

Words By Janeen G.

Cosmetic Bliss

I sat in my black swirl chair

I looked at my unfinished art and applied my acrylic paint to my canvas.

The colors popped in my sight as I tried to construct my vision into my portrait.

Just as I tried to concentrate; I felt that cosmetic bliss course through my body as your hands and arms engulf my mas.

They printed the kiss of your lips on my neck as I tried to inhale your powerful scent.

The enamel of your touch to my skin made me feel lovely and blissful.

You took me from my art to wrap me in your latex embrace. It was warm and supple as you stripped me of my clothes and soul.

You masked my moans and shrieks with a makeup of your groans and grunts. Each impact you have given me was strong and violate.

The oil and sweat left pigments of our love in the stain sheets of our bedroom.

The varnish of your words whispered in my ear left me quivering and wanting of pleasure.

I sat up from our sexual slumber and proceeded to my latest creation.

The wax of my idea was still wet on my canvas.

Just as you left me wet in our bed…


You can’t define me.
I’m a disaster waiting to happen.
I’m standing in front of a doorway.
Waiting for my turn to walk through it.
Let me speak my truth,
Give me a chance to step into this light.
I have the universe inside of me.
It’s filled with galaxies and beautiful stars.
You can’t tell me how I should introduce it to the world.
The universe is me and I want the world to embrace it…

Words By Janeen G.

One Last Time

Just kiss me,
This one last time,
Just hold me as I burst into flames.
This one last time,
Just run your fingers through my hair,
This one last time,
Just please grip my hand and let me whisper ‘I Love You’

Just this one last time…

One Sentence Horror Story

“I gazed down at the doll that was clutched in my hands. The small porcelain face looked back at me, and it gave me a sly grin…”

Hunger — Owllight Creations

Pain eats away at her middle. Digging in with a voracious appetite, a hunger unlike anything she’s known. Her stomach bulges and writhes, a tremulous dance. Claws graze just below the surface. Scratching their way up, gouging words beneath the skin. Glowing behind her liquid gaze, ember coals emanate a burgundy light. Closer she looks […]

Hunger — Owllight Creations

Exquisite poetry!

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